TOPO Athletic – Photography

Photography Includes:

RAW image Processing:
Color Balance: broadens color range and helps maintain continuity across multiple images.

Split-Toning: HDR technique from single image that increases highlight and shadow detail. Compensates for over and/or under exposed photography.

Color Matching: adjusting selective color to match original and / or client color specs.

Retouching: Cloning, spot healing and airbrushing.

Silhouette: Clipping Paths and / or masking.

Shadows: Hand illustrated

File Management: I maintain strict naming conventions and archiving. This allows me to easily locate previous work in minutes. Upon request, I maintain a complete catalog of work on my FTP server or DropBox for my clients to permanently access final versions of their work.

Photography: James Eves | eves3studio

Client: TOPO Athletic

Agency: TOPO Athletic in-house

Value Added:

Each shot is composed of 8-12 shots at stepped focal lengths then stacked. This eliminates any out of focus depth of field issues.