Mc|K Healthcare – Awake in Bed – Retouch

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Project: Awake in Bed 

Add light to curtains, reduce seem in corner, reduce/eliminate shadow on wall and add time to clock.

Added Value

Color Balance: broadens color range and helps maintain continuity across multiple images.
Split-Toning: HDR technique from single image that increases highlight and shadow detail. Compensates for over and/or under exposed photography.
File Management: I maintain strict naming conventions and archiving. This allows me to easily locate previous work in minutes. Upon request, I maintain a complete catalog of work on my FTP server or DropBox for my clients to permanently access final versions of their work.

Retouch Artist: James Eves

Client: unknown

Agency: Mc|K Healthcare subsidiary of Connelly Partners

CreativeRich Angelini / Kelly Lucini

Photographer: unknown