I am an expert in Photoshop and Pre-Press.

Normally for you to get access to what I have to offer you see a salesperson from a printer or service bureau, he communicates your needs to a customer service rep, who passes it on to a pre-press manager, who directs an operator.

I offer you direct access resulting in clearer communication, increased creative capacity, faster results and much lower costs. I work directly with you via phone and Internet or I come to you when a Jam session is what you need.

Image Enhancement
Digital Photography is here! However, the files you receive from a photographer or stock house are raw. They require enhancements like, grey balancing, process color management, retouching, ‘KO’s’ with shadows, clipping paths, etc.

Many of the requests I get fall beyond any standard definition of retouching. I call this Photo-Illustration. Printers are steering away from even offering this service. My background allows me to offer you the option of creating anything you can imagine.

Image Composition/Pre-Press
Preparing images and layouts for print effectively requires a pre-press knowledge that most art directors and production artists simply don’t have or want to have. AND, once again, printers are steering away from even offering this service. I’ve been doing it for 15 years.

I can also set images up for the web. I’ve been doing that for years, too.

Given my background I am often asked to consult on issues such as, image processing, file management, systems management, Internet services, photography direction, print production, software application techniques and other related issues.

I give quick answers to quick questions – at no charge.

I offer consulting for a fee. Contact me for details.